Prudential Services & Regulatory Reporting

Our specialized Prudential Team is ready to aid organizations in interpreting their prudential requirements and avoiding common errors that could result in unwarranted regulatory scrutiny.


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Regulatory reporting

 Regulated businesses must ensure accurate and timely regulatory returns to meet financial requirements. Errors or inadequate processes can lead to costly mistakes, potentially resulting in excess capital or restrictions on business activities.

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Prudential Services

Regulators are increasingly focused on ensuring that firms have sufficient financial resources to protect customers and the financial sector. It's essential for businesses to understand and comply with these evolving standards to avoid costly mistakes.

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Our services

Regulatory Reporting

Accurate regulatory reporting is essential for firms to maintain compliance with the FSRA. Mistakes can trigger investigations into a firm's controls. Our support can help firms ensure accuracy from the start.

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Capital and Liquidity Adequacy

The FSRA conducts thorough assessments of firms to ensure compliance with regulatory capital and liquidity requirements.

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Wind-down planning

The FSRA requires all regulated firms to understand their wind-down procedures. We have assisted many firms in meeting these expectations.

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The IFPR has introduced the Internal Capital and Risk Assessment (ICARA) for better risk management. Our experts can guide firms through this process.

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The IFPR has changed how firms calculate financial resource requirements. We can help firms review their implementation to ensure compliance with FCA standards.

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The industries we specialize in...

AZH-Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Our capital markets team offers asset managers and broker-dealers expert regulatory services.​


AZH-Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our experienced Wealth Management Team simplifies complex regulations, providing clear guidance and interpretation.


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Wholesale Investment Firms

Our team assists various clients in wholesale, including hedge fund managers, private market firms, brokers, and corporate finance entities.


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Payment Services and Cryptoassets

Our capital markets team offers asset managers and broker-dealers expert regulatory services.​


three person climbing on snow covered mountain

Insurance, Mortgages and Claims

We assist clients in the insurance industry, including brokers, companies, and intermediaries like motor dealerships and call centers.


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Consumer Credit

We've streamlined compliance requirements for lenders, brokers, and consumer credit businesses in various sectors.