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Regulatory reporting is vital for the FSRA to engage with firms annually. Accuracy and precision in submissions are crucial.



The importance of accurate regulatory returns

The submission of both financial (including capital and liquidity) and non-financial information is crucial to the supervisory approach of regulatory bodies like the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). For many firms, these submissions may represent their sole interaction with the regulator throughout the year.

Typically, reporting is conducted through dedicated online platforms provided by these regulatory authorities, which, while seemingly straightforward, require a thorough understanding of the applicable rules to the firm's operations and the necessary data collection processes.

Despite the process's apparent simplicity, common errors occur. The FSRA and DFSA review these submissions, identifying any discrepancies or issues that may necessitate further discussion with the firm, potentially leading to unwelcome regulatory scrutiny.

How we can support you

For optimal compliance with regulatory requirements, we offer tailored expert guidance and support to assist you in fulfilling your obligations as a regulated entity. Our service offerings include:

  1. Thorough review of your regulatory filing reports prior to submission to the regulatory body.
  2. Preparation of your regulatory filing reports for your review and subsequent submission to the FSRA.
  3. Upon your approval, we take care of uploading the prepared regulatory filing reports onto the designated platform.

A break down of our core service offerings are detailed as below:

Regulatory reporting process implementation

Perform an in-depth analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business operations and evaluate the applicability of relevant regulatory requirements;

Assess the adequacy of the management information generated within your organization to determine its effectiveness;

Utilizing the available management information, we will establish reporting procedures to help you enhance efficiency and standardize your regulatory reporting practices.

Ongoing reporting support

  • Compile detailed information requests tailored to your business, considering the applicable regulations and your reporting obligations;
  • Utilize the information you supply to perform regulatory financial resources calculations and prepare your returns;
  • Enter your returns into the regulatory reporting system, accompanied by supporting calculations for your examination; and
  • Coordinate the submission of these returns upon receiving your endorsement.

Ongoing Annex IV reporting

Deliver comprehensive information requests, tailored to the specifics of the portfolios you manage;

Utilize the provided data to complete your Annex IV reports, including all necessary supporting calculations for your review; and

Coordinate the final submission of these reports once you have given your consent.