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Wealth Management

Our expertise and client portfolio encompass firms offering advisory services, discretionary portfolio management, financial planning, and wealth and investment services.


The variety of firms we collaborate with

Portfolio Management

AZH's seasoned Wealth Management team guides portfolio managers through regulatory complexities, leveraging our extensive knowledge to demystify intricate regulations. 

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Advice Services

 Our actionable, impactful guidance assists wealth managers providing advisory services in establishing suitable compliance frameworks tailored to their business model, facilitating their expansion.

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You may find these services beneficial

Continuous Compliance Assistance

Whether you're in search of your first compliance partner or aiming to compare your current provider, we bring a truly fresh perspective to the table.

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Variation of Permission

If you are an authorised firm looking to change your regulated activities, start a new business line or add new product/client types to your business line, we can support you with your variation of permission (VOP) application.

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Change in Control

If you plan to acquire or enhance control over a regulated entity, you must submit a Change in Control (CiC) notification and obtain approval from the regulatory authority beforehand. Our team can help you with this process.

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​Wind-down planning

Regulated firms must understand the practicalities of winding down their business. We have extensive experience in guiding firms through this process.

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If you aim to offer regulated financial services, we can assist in navigating around potential pitfalls and avoiding delays in your authorization application.

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E-learning, classroom training, and executive briefings designed to assist firms in fulfilling their training and competence requirements in line with regulatory standards.

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