With vast experience in supporting a range of credit leasing clients, including finance leasing, operating leasing, and contract hire, we have a proven track record of successful credit applications.


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Our expertise

We have assisted a significant number of credit firms in obtaining authorization and continue to provide ongoing support to a broad portfolio of credit clients. Our services cater to various needs, whether it's for hiring, leasing out goods, offering sales on credit/finance, or lending money. Our team of compliance consulting experts is well-prepared to support firms across the entire leasing spectrum, including car leasing, asset leasing to sole traders, and vehicle leasing, among others.

Firms aiming to engage in credit leasing or financial services activities must first secure authorization to proceed. This process can involve applying for Limited Permission, Full Authorization, or registering as an Appointed Representative under a principal firm already authorized. If you're uncertain about the best path for your business, we're here to guide you towards the most suitable option based on your business model.

After securing authorization, firms must adhere to the regulatory requirements to maintain their authorization status and continue providing regulated services. If you're seeking authorization for the first time or in need of a new compliance partner for your ongoing requirements, we're eager to collaborate with you and offer our support throughout the process.

Authorisation & regulatory project support

We offer full-spectrum support to credit firms in meeting compliance standards, facilitating positive contributions to business advancement and expansion.

Appointed Representatives

Specializing in compliant AR networks for companies. Services include annual reviews, monitoring, and tailored frameworks. Contact us for expert guidance.

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Consumer Duty

We offer a comprehensive array of service options tailored to assist all organizations in effectively implementing the new Consumer Duty regulations

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Continuous Compliance Assistance

AZH offers comprehensive compliance support to various firms, including monitoring, training, reviews, and remediation services for regulatory compliance.

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Compliance Healthcheck

Our Compliance Healthcheck assures you that your compliance framework meets all necessary standards.

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It is crucial to ensure that your management and staff are well-trained in compliance. We provide advanced solutions such as digital training on our platform and customized in-person training sessions.

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Compliance Advisory

Our consultancy services are tailored to the dynamic regulatory landscape, addressing client-specific challenges and guiding through business transformations.

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Variation of Permission

For authorized firms wanting to adjust their regulated activities, introduce new business lines, or target new products/client segments, we are here to offer expert assistance with your Variation of Permission (VoP) application.

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Change in Control

When acquiring or increasing control of a regulated firm, you must submit a Change in Control (CiC) notification to the relevant regulatory authority and obtain approval before proceeding with the transaction. We can help you with this process.

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