Consumer Duty

Are you ready for the new Consumer Duty regulations? AZH is fully equipped to help businesses in every sector tackle the potential obstacles that may arise under the new guidelines.

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Consumer Duty support

At AZH, we have successfully guided all our clients through the integration of the new Consumer Duty, providing them with a comprehensive suite of document templates for benchmarking their processes. Additionally, we have developed an online training course tailored to enhance the understanding of the new regulations for employees across various sectors within the financial services industry.

Should you seek a more personalized approach for your organization, we invite you to engage with us directly. Our team is prepared to offer customized solutions that align precisely with your firm's unique requirements, ensuring an optimized and institutional-grade service experience.


Consumer Duty template documentation

AZH specializes in crafting essential documents and policies, assisting businesses in adhering to new consumer tax regulations. This service is tailored for companies of all types, providing a solid foundation for the creation of personalized, company-specific consumer responsibility documents."Our pack includes the following documents:

  • Product Governance Policy
  • Product Governance Approval Template
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Vulnerable Customer Policy
  • Consumer Duty and Treating Customers Fairly Policy

Company-wide Consumer Duty online training (suitable for all firms)

Our Consumer Duty Training is designed to provide all employees with a comprehensive overview and understanding of what consumer duty entails and the reasons behind its introduction. It outlines the cross-cutting rules and four outcomes of consumer duty, including examples that help employees recognize how they and their organization can deliver positive outcomes or potentially cause harm to customers.

The course also highlights expectations on how businesses should treat vulnerable customers and explores the relationship between Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and consumer duty. Upon completion, employees will undertake an assessment to test their knowledge, and they will also receive CPD credits and a certificate of completion.