Payment Services

Our specialized Payment Services team possesses an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape and offers expert guidance and assistance to a wide range of regulated payment service providers, from small payment institutions to large banks.


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Navigating Payment Compliance with Precision and Expertise

In the rapidly evolving Payment Services industry, firms are currently under the spotlight, with increased supervision and the potential for comprehensive business reviews by regulatory bodies. Understanding these heightened regulatory expectations is crucial for businesses navigating the authorization process and managing their compliance obligations effectively.

Since establishing our specialized Payments Practice more than seven years ago, Cosegic has supported a wide array of payment firms, from emerging payment institutions to established banks. This experience has afforded us unparalleled insights into the sector's challenges and opportunities.

Our team, which includes former payment services regulators, James Borley and John Burns, offers unmatched knowledge and expertise to assist firms in all compliance aspects. Leveraging their extensive background, we deliver exceptional service, decoding complex regulations and providing actionable, business-friendly advice and solutions that align with the rigorous standards of regulatory authorities.

Authorisations and application services

We specialize in providing comprehensive compliance support for Payment Services firms.

Authorisation & Applications 

With expertise in financial sector applications, we ensure compliance with regulations and assist clients in preparing thorough authorization submissions.


Change in Control

To gain control over a regulated entity, you must submit a Change in Control (CiC) notification to the FSRA or DFSA for approval before proceeding with the transaction. We specialize in facilitating this process seamlessly.


Variation of Permission

Financial institutions need to maintain sufficient capital, conduct stress tests, and establish wind-down strategies to meet regulatory requirements. Our Prudential Team is here to assist you in navigating these rules and avoiding regulatory scrutiny.