Cosegic offers mortgage firms specialized consultancy and services to ensure they fulfill their compliance requirements, including those emerging from recent regulatory amendments.

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The mortgage market has undergone substantial transformation and increased oversight recently. The Mortgages Market Study identified potential obstacles to innovation, prompting further dialogue, succeeded by the implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive. New firms are navigating the impacts of a comprehensive Transformation Programme, which has integrated a Regulatory Transactions Committee (RTC) into the authorization process, leading to heightened scrutiny and extended authorization timelines. Meanwhile, established firms must align the new Consumer Duty rules with their existing regulatory commitments.

Facing numerous obligations, you might require guidance on launching a new sales initiative or restructuring your business. We believe compliance should facilitate rather than hinder growth, and our goal is to help you find a compliant path to achieve your objectives. Whether you're new to the market seeking support for upcoming regulatory authorization, or in need of assistance with ongoing compliance, we are here to provide the support you need.

Regulatory authorization and compliance project assistance

We offer comprehensive compliance support to credit firms, empowering them to navigate regulations confidently while maintaining their strategic vision and objectives.


E-learning, classroom training, and executive briefings designed to assist firms in fulfilling their training and competence requirements in line with regulatory standards.


Ongoing Compliance

Whether you're in search of your first compliance partner or aiming to compare your current provider, we bring a truly fresh perspective to the table.



If you aim to offer regulated financial services, we can assist in navigating around potential pitfalls and avoiding delays in your authorization application.