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Developing an IT strategy has traditionally followed a cyclical process, often in response to technological advancements or evolving business needs. However, the digital revolution has introduced a new era of perpetual challenges.

Providing IT strategy consulting services to facilitate transformation in the era of digital revolution

Across various industries, information technology is rapidly transitioning from a mere support function to a pivotal driver of business operations. In recent years, IT has evolved from a passive enabler of growth to a dynamic force propelling organizational success. The strategic importance of IT is increasingly central to overall business strategies, reshaping the role of the Chief Information Officer.

That’s placing a growing demand on IT, prompting a shift in mindset and the formulation of strategic approaches. It is evident that while the traditional drivers of IT strategy remain crucial, the digital transformation has introduced additional complexities:

  • Traditional annual or multi-year strategic cycles are no longer sufficient in today's rapidly evolving IT landscape. A dynamic and agile approach to IT strategy development is now imperative.
  • The increasing digitization of customer interfaces has elevated the role of IT in driving business operations, emphasizing the importance of seamless engagement as a competitive advantage.
  • The exponential growth of consumer-generated data presents unprecedented opportunities for businesses to extract valuable insights, enabling them to personalize their offerings and enhance customer experiences.
  • Technology is no longer merely a support function but a catalyst for innovation, driving the creation of new products and services in addition to optimizing operational efficiency.

The team demonstrated exceptional dedication and exceeded expectations in delivering the desired outcome. Their output was meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive roadmap with the necessary flexibility for adjustments. As a result of their success in implementing the IT strategy, we have entrusted Berkeley with additional leadership roles.


Technology has transitioned from a mere back-office tool to a pivotal asset in the hands of your customers; from merely cutting costs to driving the very growth of your organization; from a peripheral aspect to the very core of your business strategy. This evolution necessitates a fresh breed of IT strategy and operational framework.


IT strategy consulting: optimizing the IT function to drive business success

For the IT function to truly drive growth and derive commercial benefits, seamless integration with the broader business is imperative. It is essential to possess the agility and capacity to respond swiftly to evolving demands. In addition to fostering closer collaboration with business units, there has been a noticeable trend towards adopting "bi-modal" approaches, emphasizing agility for innovation and efficiency for established operations. The convergence of development and operations through DevOps, along with the transition to product-centric teams, signifies a shift towards a more streamlined IT function. Leveraging our deep industry insights, technological proficiency, and expertise in driving transformative change, we stand ready to assist you in formulating a tailored strategy that is not only actionable but also capable of delivering sustainable outcomes.

Implementing a three-tiered IT strategy

These emerging challenges do not negate the traditional IT demands; rather, they augment them. While an IT strategy conventionally revolves around upholding infrastructure and enhancing core systems, a new perspective is now imperative to drive the digital agenda forward.

We propose implementing a multi-faceted IT strategy to thrive in this evolving landscape, necessitating diverse capabilities and close alignment with the customer:

  • Ensure continuous operation: effectively deliver a dependable, robust, and adaptable infrastructure and application environment. This aspect of the strategy should prioritize achieving the lowest possible IT expenses while upholding the necessary SLAs for the organization.
  • Enhance traditional business practices: innovate new solutions to enhance the foundational core business operations such as CRM and ERP systems. This component of the strategy will concentrate on IT initiatives aimed at improving traditional profit margins, supported by a solid business case and tangible benefits realization.
  • Empower the digital transformation agenda: remain agile and adaptable to meet both current and future digital requirements and demands of the organization, potentially leading to the introduction of new digital products and services. Given the rapid pace of change, planning for this aspect of the strategy should emphasize the development of a flexible IT function capable of swiftly addressing emerging business needs in close collaboration with stakeholders.

Key determinants of success encompass:

  • Enhancing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the business
  • Elevating the CIO's role to focus on driving external relationships and thought leadership.

Exploring the value proposition of AZH's IT consulting services

Our consultancy services empower CIOs, senior teams, and executives to craft, refine, and execute cutting-edge IT strategies that drive optimal business outcomes.

Our team possesses a unique blend of industry expertise, functional acumen, technological proficiency (including digital capabilities), and the strategic insight needed to drive enduring organizational change.

Utilizing our 'low volume, high value' approach, we ensure a streamlined process with a focus on quality over quantity. By leveraging the expertise of a select few seasoned professionals, we can efficiently craft and implement your IT strategy within a condensed timeline.

Primarily, we provide expert analysis, strategic insight, and effective stakeholder engagement. Our aim is to assist clients in making well-informed decisions tailored to their needs

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