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Rigorous governance methods

AZH adheres to robust governance standards, delineates explicit roles and responsibilities, and upholds a well-defined structure.


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The AZH Board of Directors sets AZH’s strategy and risk parameters and meets regularly to review performance. 

The Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman, Managing Director, and Board Members, all of whom are appointed by the shareholders.

The Chief Executive Officer of AZH is accountable for the implementation of the company's strategic initiatives, as well as its investment and operational endeavors.


AZH's ability to achieve its mission and deliver sustainable, long-term returns is underpinned by the dedicated teams spread throughout the organization.

AZH's success is built upon a steadfast dedication to upholding personal and professional integrity, ethics, transparency, and equitable practices. The senior management team and Board of Directors at AZH wholeheartedly embrace these core values. We have implemented robust corporate governance measures that exemplify our commitment to conducting business with integrity and a focus on enhancing shareholder value in the long run.

Meet Our Leaders

Bai MingGuo

Chief Executive Officer

Coralia Trifan

Chief Compliance Officer

Liu Zhe

Managing Director

Javed Nehal

Chief Financial Officer

Mohamad Saleh

Capital Markets Partner

Tariqul Islam

Chief Technology Officer

Khaled Mohamed

Match Engine Consultant

Khalid Mustafa

Data Governance Expert

Abderrahmane Delliou

Data Governance Expert

Abdelrahim Elsherbini

Data Governance Expert