Diversity, equity and inclusion

We embrace and value diverse perspectives to drive exceptional outcomes for our firm, clients, and team members.

About | Diversity, equity and inclusion

The significance of fostering an inclusive culture

At AZH, we firmly believe that fostering an inclusive culture, where diverse perspectives, experiences, insights, and ideas are valued, cultivates an environment where our team members feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to the workplace. Embracing a culture of inclusivity, where all viewpoints are respected, is paramount to our ability to shape the future. This commitment strengthens our organization and is integral to our continued success.

Our strategy and how we track progress

Advancing inclusion and diversity (I&D) at AZH is seamlessly integrated into our daily operations. Each member of the AZH team plays a vital role in bringing our I&D strategy to fruition.

Our executive leadership team is accountable for crafting our comprehensive talent strategy, which encompasses our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy. Our global and regional I&D councils, under the guidance and backing of our leadership team, establish our I&D priorities. These councils concentrate on initiatives that have the most significant influence on our employees and are in line with the company's strategic objectives.

Our three focus areas


Champion a culture of inclusivity and foster a collaborative work environment.


Establish a talent pipeline for underrepresented individuals.


Enhance the diversity within our talent and leadership pool.

We track progress in terms of I&D in multiple ways:


Our executive leadership team has a shared aspirational I&D goal to increase representation of female and racially diverse talent.


Each geography, segment and function leadership is accountable for working toward a more inclusive and diverse organization.


People managers focus on the effective engagement, development and retention of all colleagues.


All colleagues are encouraged to include supporting inclusion and diversity in their performance objectives.

Our commitment to fostering inclusion and diversity is unwavering, as we ensure that all employment decisions are based solely on individual merit, free from any bias related to protected characteristics.

Supplier Diversity

Enhancing economic inclusivity is a fundamental component of AZH’s overarching dedication to fostering a more just, sustainable, and resilient organization.

AZH Diversity Solutions (ADS) aims to empower small and diverse-owned businesses to enhance their participation in the global economy, thereby fostering job creation, competitiveness, individual prosperity, and community vitality.

We are dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships with businesses owned by individuals from diverse backgrounds, including minorities, women, LGBTQ individuals, veterans, persons with disabilities, small enterprises, and those situated in historically underutilized business areas. Our aim is to engage suppliers capable of delivering high-quality, innovative, competitive, and cost-efficient products and services.