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The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) operates as a distinct Financial Free Zone within the United Arab Emirates, boasting its own set of civil and commercial statutes overseen by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Enterprises establishing a presence in the DIFC are afforded the privilege of 100% foreign ownership, operating within a regulatory framework akin to that of the United Kingdom.


How we help firms achieve DFSA authorisation

Before we proceed, it is essential to identify the regulated aspects of your business operations and understand the corresponding implications. A detailed discussion will be arranged to delve into your business structure, internal controls pertaining to governance, risk management, and compliance, as well as the key stakeholders within your organization. Subsequently, we will ascertain the specific 'permissions' that your business necessitates.

Next, we will proceed with the process of gathering all necessary information to construct your comprehensive information pack. We will provide detailed guidance on the required details and ensure that we have all the essential data as per the DFSA regulations.

After receiving the necessary information from you, it is our responsibility to customize your application package. The composition of the application package will differ for each organization, based on the size and intricacy of your business model.

Through collaboration with you, we will develop comprehensive policies and procedures, craft your Regulatory Business Plan, establish a robust Compliance Monitoring Programme, and prepare all necessary documentation. While the application remains under your ownership, it is imperative that it accurately reflects your business operations. Our in-depth understanding of the DFSA's criteria for evaluating applications enables us to proactively address any potential concerns, thereby minimizing the risk of delays during the review process.

Once the application pack has been finalized, we will forward it to you for your thorough review.

DFSA authorisation applications must be submitted online through the DFSA’s Connect system, a process that we will manage on your behalf. It is at this stage that the requisite application fees will need to be settled.

Upon receipt of your application, the DFSA will promptly acknowledge it and assign a dedicated Case Officer to oversee the process. Your Case Officer may reach out to seek clarification or additional information, and our team is here to assist in crafting thorough and professional responses. Should further dialogue with the DFSA be necessary, your Consultant will be readily available to support you.

Upon receiving authorization, you will be required to adhere to the regulations set forth by the DFSA and fulfill the commitments outlined in your application. A handover meeting will be arranged to provide you with a comprehensive compliance manual and framework, guiding you on the practical steps necessary to ensure compliance with the DFSA's regulations. Should you require further assistance in meeting your ongoing compliance responsibilities, we offer additional support services that may be of interest to you. Please consult with one of our specialists for more details.
Before obtaining authorization, you will enter the "Minded to Authorize" stage, during which the DFSA may request that you fulfill certain conditions. We will assist you in satisfying these requirements, and upon completion, the DFSA will typically grant authorization within 24 hours.

Is it necessary for your business to be subject to regulation by the DFSA?

Any entity offering financial services from a fixed place of business within the DIFC is required to be regulated by the DFSA. This encompasses, but is not restricted to:

AZH-Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Our capital markets team offers asset managers and broker-dealers expert regulatory services.​


AZH-Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our experienced Wealth Management Team simplifies complex regulations, providing clear guidance and interpretation.


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Wholesale Investment Firms

Our team assists various clients in wholesale, including hedge fund managers, private market firms, brokers, and corporate finance entities.


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Payment Services and Cryptoassets

Our capital markets team offers asset managers and broker-dealers expert regulatory services.​


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Insurance, Mortgages and Claims

We assist clients in the insurance industry, including brokers, companies, and intermediaries like motor dealerships and call centers.


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Consumer Credit

We've streamlined compliance requirements for lenders, brokers, and consumer credit businesses in various sectors.