AZH assists Claims Management Companies in obtaining authorization and offers comprehensive compliance support to ensure firms meet their regulatory obligations.


Authorisations and application services

Our dedicated team can support Cryptoasset firms with all aspects of their compliance.


If you are a cryptoasset company and intend to provide certain types of cryptoasset services, you must register. We can support you with your registration process.

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Mastering Crypto Compliance: Your Strategic Partner in Navigating Regulatory Complexities"

Applying to conduct cryptocurrency-related activities necessitates thorough preparation and sufficient resources. The process is intricate and demands detailed attention to regulatory requirements and standards. Applicants must ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the operational, technical, and compliance expectations. It’s essential to allocate adequate personnel and time to navigate through the application stages successfully, addressing all necessary legal, financial, and security aspects to meet the stringent criteria set by regulatory authorities.

When embarking on the journey of engaging with cryptocurrency assets, companies must first ascertain whether their activities fall within the scope of the applicable regulations concerning business operations in this sector. This task is not always clear-cut, given the diversity of business models and the nuanced application of regulatory requirements and guidance. Our team, leveraging their extensive experience, stands ready to assist you in meticulously reviewing your product and service offerings. We'll help you understand the relevant regulations and devise a strategic plan that aligns with both your business objectives and regulatory obligations.