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We offer extensive support to a range of credit broking clients in various sectors, ensuring their compliance and minimizing regulatory risks.

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Our expertise

We have successfully assisted a significant number of credit firms in obtaining authorization and currently provide ongoing support to a substantial portfolio of clients in the credit sector. Whether your business involves offering credit sales, leasing goods, or lending money, our team of compliance consulting professionals is fully equipped to support your needs.

All firms engaged in credit broking activities must be authorized by the relevant regulatory authority before commencing operations. Firms can seek authorization through various pathways, including:

  • A limited permission application for those for whom credit broking is not the primary activity; 
  • A full authorization application for comprehensive regulatory compliance; 
  • Registration as an Appointed Representative of an already authorized principal firm.

If you're uncertain about the best pathway for your business model, we're here to guide you to the most suitable option.

Once authorized, firms are obligated to comply with all regulatory requirements to maintain their authorization status and continue providing regulated services. If you're seeking authorization for the first time or in need of a new compliance partner for your ongoing requirements, we're eager to collaborate with you and offer support at every stage.

Authorization and regulatory project assistance.

We offer comprehensive compliance support to credit firms, enabling them to adeptly manage regulations while preserving their strategic vision and objectives.

​​​Authorisation & Applications

Leveraging our broad experience across financial sectors, we guide clients in preparing and submitting comprehensive applications that align with regulatory expectations, streamlining the authorization process.


​​​Consumer Duty

A comprehensive suite of services designed to assist firms in implementing the new Consumer Duty.


​​​Appointed Representatives

We specialize in assisting firms to establish and manage compliant Appointed Representative (AR) networks. Our services encompass annual AR assessments, ongoing monitoring, and the development of compliant AR frameworks. If you're considering becoming a principal or exploring the AR route, reach out for expert guidance.


​​​Continuous Compliance Assistance

AZH provides comprehensive compliance support to numerous firms, offering regular monitoring, both online and in-person training, assurance reviews, and remediation services to fulfill regulatory obligations.


​​​Compliance Healthcheck

Our Compliance Healthcheck assures you that your compliance framework meets all necessary standards.


​​​Compliance Advisory

We offer top-tier, adaptive consultancy services tailored to the dynamic regulatory landscape, addressing client-specific challenges, providing project-specific support, and guiding through business transformations and the implications of new regulations on systems, policies, procedures, and controls.



Ensuring that your management and staff are adequately trained in compliance is a critical regulatory mandate. We offer sophisticated solutions including digital training via our PortAll platform and tailored in-person training sessions and workshops.


​​​Variation of Permission

For authorized firms aiming to modify their regulated activities, launch new business lines, or introduce new products/client segments, we provide expert assistance with your Variation of Permission (VoP) application.


​​​Change in Control

If you intend to acquire or increase control of a regulated firm, it is mandatory to submit a Change in Control (CiC) notification to the relevant regulatory authority and obtain prior approval before proceeding with the transaction. We can assist you in notifying the regulatory body of the change and ensure a smooth CiC process.